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The Grange

The first caravan based installation, inspired by living in a touring caravan and realizing the simple nature of a caravan’s construction.  Starting with ideas about increasing the architectural space within these humble mobile dwellings and through drawing these ideas the concept of a two storey caravan emerged. Once work on the structure was underway an echo was noticed inside the caravan. This seemed very special. The experience of looking down from the step ladder in a caravan was also very unusual.  The inspiration to create a stately home interior came after a visit to Hampton Court Palace. The Grange was built entirely from salvaged materials in a patch work style. Much inspiration was taken from sketching yachts, this marine styling gave the vehicle a streamlined feel.

The concept behind The Grange is multi facetted, the idea that it is a fragment or remnant of a stately home, that the house has been lost and the only trace has been condensed into a caravan. Also containing ideas around one-up-man-ship, the driving ambition to be one better than others, leading to this extreme show of prowess, complete with a balcony on the front.

Watch the Grange on BBC Blue Peterhilliers-video



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