The Grange Rose Cottage Landscape Obscured The Venice Project

The Venice Project


In a world vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change, Venice is a city threatened by the rise in global sea levels.  What is a popular tourist destination today may only exist in memory in years to come.  The Venice Project will in itself be a souvenir of the city – an authentic relic – and as such, when stationed in Venice, will sit like a Russian doll (a city within a city) but, when in motion across Europe, it will be a reminder of the preciousness and fragility of the city that it represents. The vehicle will contain an atmosphere of the city preserved as a souvenir. The vehicle will reference the ‘Grand Tour’ of the 18th century, re-imagined for the 21st century.


 Key architectural elements of the city will be represented in The Venice Project such as: bridges, columns, chandeliers, crumbling plaster work, ornate iron work, water and a gondola.

Much of the internal floor space will contain water upon which a floating gondola will provide a key vantage point in the heart of the structure.  Large enough to seat a couple sitting side-by-side the gondola will provide the perfect spot from which to enjoy the opulent surroundings features and aged decadence: the reflected light patterns upon the walls and ceilings, crumbling frescos, ornate iron work, Murano glass chandeliers.  Visitors will move around the structure via staircases, balconies and the ‘Rialto Bridge’ – from these elevated vantage points visitors will get their first glimpse into the water filled interior below.

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